System Of A Dilma

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The Brazilian president as a headbanger. 3 million views and counting…

Dilma Rousseff vs System Of A Down

Enter Rio – Rock in Rio concerts mashup

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Missed the Rock in Rio festival?
Here is a quick summary of what happened there.

Metallica vs Rihanna vs Elton John vs Red Hot Chili Peppers vs Stevie Wonder vs Coldplay vs Katy Perry vs Maroon 5 vs Jamiroquai vs Guns N’ Roses:

Enter Rio

Mp3 download:

Brazil, Eastern Europe… world mashups

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I’m not a huge fan of the term “world music”. But I do like to mash styles from completely different countries and contexts. So today I’ll post some of my culture-clash tracks.

First, the 2008 compilation “East vs West Vol.1″ (I still need to make Vol. 2).

And here’s the video for the “House of Klezmer” track, with some footage from the movie “The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob” (I get asked about it so often). This mash features tracks House of Pain, Amsterdam Klezmer Band, and Pa Brapad.

Another track that bridges completely different contexts is this one…